How To Stop A Wage Garnishment

If you owe money to a specific creditor and haven’t paid the debt, the creditor can pass a judgement against you to garnish your wages from your paycheck before you receive the money. In order to do this, the creditor needs to either sue you court and win or receive a default judgement due to your lack of response. Then, the judgement is sent to your employer, letting them know that a certain amount of money should come out of your paycheck every month before you receive it. As soon as you realize that this may be the case for you, you might be wondering about how to stop a wage garnishment in Seattle. Here are 4 things that you can do to stop it:

1. File for an Exemption

There are a number of exemptions that can stop a creditor from garnishing your wages based on your household income, the number of dependents that you support, the type of income that you receive, or whether or not you’re retired. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if you could be eligible for one of these exemptions:

• Do I provide over 50% of the support for my dependents?
• Do I pay child support or alimony for my dependents?
• Do I receive social security or disability benefits?

To file for an exemption, you’ll need to print off the form online, fill it out, and bring it to the county clerk’s office. You can also find the forms in the county clerk’s office if you’re having a hard time locating it online.

2. File a State-Specific Exemption

Each state handles garnishments a little differently. For example, in Ohio, a person can appoint a trustee who receives payments every month and determines how much to pay each creditor. Once a trustee has been appointed, you can’t garnish that person’s wages any more.
In Washington, a creditor can take up to 25% of your income, but only one creditor can file a garnishment against you at a time. If your creditor is trying to take more than 25% of your income or you have multiple creditors filing against you, you can file an exemption.

3. File for Bankruptcy

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, the wage garnishment will be terminated. You’ll have to make sure that your creditor and the county clerk receives notice that you filed for bankruptcy in order for the garnishment to end. Of course, it depends on the type of bankruptcy that you file. If you choose to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, your debt will be discharged and the garnishment will be terminated for good. On the other hand, a chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the garnishment, but you’ll still need to make monthly payments using your wages. If this is the route that you choose to use, you can speak with a bankruptcy attorney about the advantages and disadvantages to each type to determine which chapter to file.

4. File a Motion to Vacate

There are several reasons to file a motion to vacate, such as
• The judgement was obtained improperly
• You already paid the debt
• The creditors are taking too much money from your wages

If you feel like one of these situations pertains to you, then you can file a motion to vacate with the county clerk. Make sure to list the reasons to invalidate the garnishment. Then, you should be prepared to file a response and challenge the garnishment in court.

If you still have any questions about how to stop a wage garnishment in Seattle, contact a bankrupt attorney who can review your financial situation and help you determine which method will be the best one for you.

Car Accident Compensation Claim – What Can I Expect?

You have just had a bad automobile accident that wasn’t your fault and you have sustained injuries. What is a car accident compensation claim, you had better find out quick!

Car Accident Compensation 101

To drive legally, you must have auto insurance and all auto insurance companies provide for a procedure for filing a car accident compensation claim. This is something that you could handle yourself, if that is what you wanted to do.

At the scene of the collision the police most likely interviewed all parties involved and obtained the insurance information of everyone involved in the accident. The police also wrote their report that named who they thought was at fault for causing the accident. Your claim will be based on this claim.

What Damages Did You Incur?

You have probably incurred damages including medical treatment, rehabilitation, ambulance costs, car repair, auto rental while your car was being repaired, miscellaneous other costs and you might even have a claim for loss of income. The point of insurance coverage is to “make you whole” again and possibly to compensate you for pain and suffering. It is also possible that you could have a claim for “punitive” damages if the accident was caused by negligence, carelessness or a defect in the vehicle.

What It All Means

It isn’t always as easy as just filing a claim with the insurance company and collecting money. In many instances, insurance companies may either deny coverage on the insurance policy based on a technicality (policy contract provision) or one of the other parties involved in the accident may sue you for personal damages. You need the help of a professional, a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury law firm will be able to represent you with the insurance company and know the law regarding accident compensation claims in your jurisdiction. If the case needs to go to court, a personal injury lawyer can represent you and give you legal advice and see to it that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Many of these types of lawyers work on a contingency fee, meaning they are paid a portion of the settlement with usually no up front cost to you. In many cases you will receive as much or more with a good lawyer representing you as opposed to you doing it yourself. You also will have someone represent you that knows the PI law.

The Bottom Line For You

Physical and mental trauma may be just some of the result of being in an auto collision. Your physical and financial well being may depend on how you handle the results of an auto collision. You will need a medical professional for physically healing and a good personal injury lawyer to help you receive what you are due financially.

Always consult with a medical or legal professional for legal and medical advice. This article is for informational purposes and is not meant as legal or medical advice.

Get Lost Payslips Replaced

Why Are Payslips So Important?

Showing payslips make easy to arrange for finance as it is a proof of a standard income of an employee.

The payslips validate that you are working with a respectable firm or company earning a standard amount of salary. It is very crucial for every employee to keep safe possession of the payslips as losing it can incur serious trouble on the bearer.

These payslips work as a proof of your authenticity when you approach a bank for any kind of financial help like vehicle finances or mortgage loans. As your residential address and other information are mentioned on the payslip, it acts as strong evidence and makes the release of your loan smoother. It also helps you to know the break up of your pay and the deductions of the month concerned.

Also known as the wage slips, and these are given by the employers to the people working under him whenever he pays them. The information mandatory over a wage slip includes:

• Employer’s name and ABN
• Employee’s name
• Employee’s enterprise agreement
• Employment period
• Amount paid to the employee
• Date on which the payment is made
• Amount with and without the deduction of tax
• Amount deducted as tax
• Amount deducted for superannuation of the employee, if any

You can also add further information on your wage slip if you desire so, like the overtime you do, your bonus, the commissions and incentives that you have earned or information related to your pension. This added information on a wage slip is known as payslip extras and can be availed by asking the concerned firm. The payslips have to be duly stamped and signed by the employer otherwise it holds no legal value.

The wage slips can be clubbed under three major categories. They could be payslips on single sheets printed via a Dot Matrix or Laser printers or they could be security payslips that are sealed in security envelopes. These wage slips are similar to pin numbers of Credit or Debit cards send by the bank.

The P60 certificate is the one, which has the entire account of your earnings and the tax payments you make in the financial year. Every employee is entitled to a P60 and must ensure that the employer provides him with the facility. A P60 certificate proves beneficial when you complete your tax return, apply for your tax credits or if you claim back the taxes you have overpaid. It also serves as your income proof, so it is vital to keep your P60 certificate very safely.

Once lost it cannot be reproduced by the employer. Although there are certain online companies that can help you in this regard. These companies are very experienced and make a duplicate P60 for you on the basis of the information you provide them with. They use high technology printers to make the replicated payslips and P60s look like the original ones.

These online companies take every possible care to maintain the authenticity of the document. If you need the payslip or P60 certificate urgently you can request them to send you the document via email or a fax. Understanding the urgency, these companies speed up the process and send you the document within a few hours only.